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Transport 18 Ron pana la 4 kg
Transport 18 Ron pana la 4 kg
Filtre produse
Tip mecanism
Ceas de perete mecanic Hermle 70978-160761
Preț: 19440 RON
Livrare în 10 zile Livrare în 10 zile
Cod intern: 1781-P

Producător: Hermle
Caracteristici produs
Tip Mecanism: Mecanic
Nuanta: Cireș

Ceas de perete mecanic Hermle 70978-160761

Mecanism: mecanic cu inalta precizie de 31 zile

Dimensiuni: 90 x 26 x 13 cm

Indica fazele lunii

Nuanta: cires

Fabricat in Germania

Garantie 24 luni


Elegant monthly regulator with metal insertions, bevelled glas with precision movement
which has to be wound up only once per month. The solid anchor has ruby
pallets, the movement has six ball bearings and six ruby bushings, power reserve,
anchorsetting can be done with a precision screw on the pendulum stick. This elegant
piece shows not only the exact time but also the moon phases. The time from
the new moon to new moon takes 29 days, 12 hrs, 44 minutes and 2, 9 seconds.
Mechanical cable driven movement, precision movement with 31 days power reserve
and moon phase.

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