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Nava US Constellation AS159

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Cod intern: AS159
Producător: Authentic Models
Preț: 6408 Lei
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Navă US Constellation AS159

Material: lemn de înaltă calotate, vele din pânză

Dimensiuni: 96,50 x 30,50 x 88 cm

Garanție 24 luni


USS Constellation was a nominally rated
38-gun wooden-hulled, three-masted
frigate of the United States Navy. She was
built under the direction of David Stodder
at The Joseph and Samuel Sterett shipyard
on Harris Creek in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point
maritime community, and she was launched
on 7 September 1797. She was one of the
original six frigates whose construction
the Naval Act of 1794 had authorized.
The name “Constellation” was among ten
names submitted to President George
Washington by Secretary of War Timothy
Pickering in March of 1795 for the frigates
that were to be constructed. The Flag Act
of 1777 speaks of how the stars in the flag
are “representing a new constellation”.

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