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Ceas de birou mecanic 22823-740352 Hermle

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Cod intern: 22823-740352
Producător: Hermle
Preț: 32900 Lei
Livrare în 10 zileLivrare în 10 zile


Ceas de birou mecanic Hermle cu 11 bijuterii

Cod: 22823-740352 

Mecanism: mecanic 8 zile, cu melodia Westminster, arata faza lunii

Dimensiuni: 29 x 35 cm

Nuanta: negru, argintiu

Material: alama de inalta calitate, sticla

Garantie 24 luni

Produs in Germania


The tellurium shows the earth's orbit around the sun within a year, with the earth rotating around itself once every 24 hours. At the same time, the moon orbits the earth once every 29 1/2 days and rotates once on its own axis so that the individual phases of the moon can be seen from the earth. 8-day 4/4 Westminster percussion on four polished bells. Second in the power flow, spring balancer, 11-stone Swiss échappement, polished plates, automatic night switch-off of the striking mechanism. Milled calendar display of month and day. Tellurium rotating arm with pointer and representation of the sun, moon and earth.

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