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Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
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Tip mecanism
Pendula de perete mecanic Kieninger 2174-37-01
Preț: 10900.00 RON
Status:La comanda, livrare in aprox 10 zile
Cod intern: 11676-

Greutate: 17 kg
Producător: Kieninger
Caracteristici produs
Tip Mecanism: Mecanic
Carcasa: Lemn

Pendula de perete mecanic Kieninger cu melodie

Timp de functionare: 7 zile

Dimensiuni: 26,5 x 91 x 15,5 cm

Material: lemn masiv

Fabricat in Germania

Garantie: 60 luni


Elegant, delicate floor clock in pear wood and hand polished high gloss burl decorations, genuine enamel dial 18 cm with arabic numerals, second indication and hand-milled Breguet-style hands, polished grid pendulum.

Dimensions: 91 x 26.5 x 15.5 cm
Color: 37 Pear  

Cable movement with 1/2-hour chime on coiled gong, run time 7 days, plate size 114 x 99 x 2,0 mm, pallet anchor with stationary escapement (Graham) and automatic beat adjustment, PS060 with maintaining power, second indication, strike shut-off and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.00 AM. For additional information see movement price list UPW.

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