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Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
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Tip mecanism
Ceas de perete cu pendula Hermle 70411-030341
Preț: 3140.00 RON
Status:La comanda, livrare in aprox 10 zile
Cod intern: 1681-C

Producător: Hermle
Caracteristici produs
Tip Mecanism: Mecanic cu arcuri
Nuanta: Nuc

Invite an antique elegance and an ambience reminiscent of the 19th century into any space you desire with the Hermle Ickenham Regulator Wall Clock. With its highly polished regulator, side panels and beautiful burlwood front door, this item is a reflection of clock making?s most important eras.
The additional features of this antique styled wall clock also include a white clock face with bold Arabic numerals, a grid pendulum with an R&A pendulum disc and a brass 8-day key wound movement plays 4/4 Westminster chime.


8-day 4/4 Westminster chime movement, pendulum

The Hermle Westminster Chime Wall Clock is an exquisitely crafted solid wood regulator in a walnut finish, top and bottom decoration and glass panels.

Mechanical 8-day 4/4 Westminster chime movement, silencing lever with 14 days power reserve and a grid pendulum with polished disc.

Height: 67 cm, Width: 28 cm, Depth: 16 cm

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