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Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
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Tip mecanism

Ceas de perete cu pendul Hermle 70650-740058

Preț: 8970 RON
Status: La comanda, livrare in aprox 10 zile

Producător: Hermle

Pendula de perete eleganta Hermle 70650-740058

Dimensiuni: 78.5 x 22 x 11.5

Mecanism: mecanic (8 zile) Hermle W0058, functioneaza cu greutati

Indicator zi, data, luna pe cadran, indica fazele lunii

Pendul cu finisaj lucios placat cu nichel

Ajustare automata a bataii

Fabricat in Germania

Garantie 24 luni


This cable-driven regulator available in walnut, cherrywood and ebony piano finish
combines the elegance of classic timepieces with the craftsmanship of a modern
day case and movement. Featuring the Hermle cable-driven movement W0058 with
its delicate pulleys and weights, lavish dial with day, date and month indication and
classical moon phase, this model represents a fine example of state-of-the-art wall
clock design. Movement 8-day cable-driven, coil gong, Graham anchor, automatic
beat adjustment. Bezel and pendulum in polished nickel-plated finish.

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