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Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
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Tramp Steamer 'Malacca' AS303
Status:La comanda
Cod intern: 16416- Greutate: 2.42 kg
Producător: Authentic Models
Caracteristici produs
Culoare Finisaj: Distressed French Finish
Inaltime Produs: 7.00
Latime Produs: 27.00
Lungime Produs: 68.00
Materiale Utilizate: MDF/Pin
Packaging: Vendor Box

For many shipping lines, filling up cabin space was important as filling the cargo hold. Amenities ranged all the way up to first class staterooms with luxurious dining halls where elaborate cuisine was shared at table with the ship's officers. This was the mode of travel favored by writers, and anyone who sought to escape from the busyness of life and savor the solitude afforded by life at sea.

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