Masina de curse BB Korn PC013

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Greutate: 4.2 kg
Cod intern: PC013
Producător: Authentic Models
Preț: 2699 RON
Livrare în 10 zileLivrare în 10 zile

Caracteristici produs
Culoare Finisaj: Silver/Polished
Inaltime Produs: 17.50
Latime Produs: 24.50
Lungime Produs: 52.50
Materiale Utilizate: Aluminiu Piele
Packaging: Vendor Box

Mașină de curse BB Korn PC013

Dimensiuni: 52,50 x 24,50 x 17,50

In the 1930s Spindizzies or Tether Cars were miniature racecars built by hobbyists which drove around banked wooden tracks at
speeds approaching 150 miles per hour. Incredibly detailed and aerodynamic, these racers were beyond toys; they were pieces of art
representative of the best pioneering technology of the era. Constructed using original blueprints, our Bantam Midget model resembles
the original down to the smallest detail.

Technically skilled enthusiasts of the 1930s loved to race the legendary B.B. Korn cars around the club tracks. Called tether cars or spindizzies, they reached incredible speeds, and inspired thousands to improve and invent.   The founder of the B.B. Korn Manufacturing Company, Barney Korn, produced several tether car models that now, as vintage antiques, achieve astounding sums at auction. For the children of his clients Mr. Korn designed and built “The Indianapolis,” a non-powered pre-war giveaway. It was meant to enthuse children and get them to participate in motoring activities. Our Indy 'toy' car pays homage to Korn’s legacy with detailed dash, rubber tires, and hand-polished aluminum body.

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