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Transport 18 ron la colete pana in 4 kg
Transport 18 ron la colete pana in 4 kg
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Ceas de birou mecanic Kieninger cu 3 melodii
Acest produs nu mai face parte din portofoliul nostru și nu se poate cumpăra.

Ceas de birou mecanic cu 3 melodii (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington)

Dimensiui: 39 x 28 cm

Nuanta: Cires

Material: lemn, sticla minerala

Fabricat in Germania

Garantie: 60 luni


Kieninger design: Sophisticated mantel clock in cherry finish with a completely round base shape. A curved beveled front glass which can be opened by turning it around the clock and the dome glass top allow a view of the polished bell chime, open silver plated Roman dial ring 20 cm shows the clock movement, hand-milled Breguet-style hands.