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Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
Transport 18 ron (pana în 4 kg)
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Ceas cu cuc mecanic Hekas 1 zi - 1618 EX
Preț: 1235.00 RON
Status:La comanda, livrare in aprox 10 zile
Cod intern: 11470-

Producător: Hekas

Ceas cu cuc mecanic Hekas 1 zi - 1618 EX

Dimensiuni: 30 x 21 x 16 cm


The design of this original German Cuckoo Clock Carved Style is maybe the most traditional you can find with its carved vine leaves and the singing bird on top, but here the carved vine leaves are sweetly decorated with hand-painted pink flowers and green leaves, lightening up the walnut-stained wood. It is one of our smaller clocks that won’t take up much of your wall space, but it thanks to its unobtrusive décor, it will blend in easily with you living room furnishings.

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